1995, Clay-Sculpt Gulgong, Australia

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The idea of the project was to construct clay works to enhance the environment of Janet Mansfields home, Morning View Farm, just outside of Gulgong, Australia. Organiser: Janet Mansfield.
Among the invited artists where Peter Callas, USA; Robert Harrison, USA; Bruce Andersson, USA; Peter Voulkos USA; Claude Presset, Switzerland; Ann Roberts, Canada; Michale Flynn, Great Britain; Bronwyn Kemp, Australia; Joan Campbell, Australia; Chuck Wissinger, Canada; Vince McGrath, Australia; Ryoji Koie Japan; Mitsuo Shoji, Japan; Nina Hole, Denmark; Gudrun Klix Australia; Richard Launder Great Britain; and Torbjørn Kvasbø Norway.
Hundreds of Australian and international ceramic artists came to participate and assist. Photo: Torbjørn Kvasbø



Morning View Farm, Gulgong, Australia.



From left to right: Con, Ursula, Torbjørn, Kay, Geoff (sitting), Stephen, Rob, Michelle (sitting), Sally, Lorna



Clay-Sculpt Gulgong. A clay ornament self-fired sculpture build on top of a clay hill. Length 500cm x width 300cm x height 70 cm . I had a team of 9 Australian ceramic artists working with me.
Firing using windfall gathered close to the work site. Clay pits where we dug the clay and mixed it with dry sheep shit to reinforce the clay to make it strong enough to hold up during construction, drying and firing.



Clay-Sculpt Gulgong. After firing to a low bisque to make the clay strong enough to stand the weather for a few years before crumbling away.