1997 Kalmar Ceramic Workshop, Sweden.

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Site specific large scale works, Kalmar Ceramic Workshop, Sweden, 1997. Organisers: Kalmar Municipality, Departement of Culture, Kyrre Dahl and Lena Johansson. Five invited artists from each of the Nordic countries: Kennet Williamson, Sweden; Pekka Paikkari, Finland; Gudný Magnúsdóttir, Iceland; Nina Hole, Denmark; and Torbjørn Kvasbø, Norway (organiser). Twenty assistants recruited from art college students within the five Nordic countries.


Fiber-kiln,woodfired at 1150C

Fibre kiln, wood-fired. W 550 x D 250 x H 180 cm. Built with 1″ ceramic fibre attached to  iron reinforcement net . Three stoking holes in front.



L500cm, W250 cm, H 200cm  Sideview

Front side

Untitled 1997. Local earthenware brick clay, 100 cm extruded, perforated plastic slabs (before being chopped up as bricks) stacked on top of each other in a H 200 x W 200 x D 200 cm cube. Plastic tumbling ornament formed by sudden clay slide. Three days wood-firing in situ in a temporary ceramic fibre-lined kiln to 1150 C, natural ash glaze, flashing and melting. W 500 x D 250 x H 180 cm. Destroyed and dumped by Kalmar Municipality 1998.

Photo: Renata Francescon.