Cluster of Jingdezhen Vases 2023

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The Cluster of Jingdezhen Vases is made as a tribute to the history of Jingdezhen porcelain vase manufacturing. The installation is based on vase forms chosen from the long and distinguished history of the porcelain production in Jingdezhen. 

The vases are mounted together with thin steel wire through a small hole in the bottom of every vase, and then secured to a strong vertical, central chain hanging from the ceiling. Each vase is carefully placed on top of each other, creating a play with gravity, form and movement.

The project’s dialogue with the history addresses the origins of the individual vase shapes in China´s cultural heritage, with clear references to Jingdezhens unique history and to the potters/producers who have left their distinctive mark on them.

Jingdezhen Cluster of Vases 2023
5 x 4,5 m
Installed at Jingdezhen Ceramic University Museum, Jingdezhen, China
Nov – Dec 2023.